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Producer Susan Wallner met Robert Pinsky in his hometown of Long Branch, New Jersey. The two-time US Poet Laureate took us on a tour of his old neighborhood, the house he grew up in, and Long Branch High School, where he had the same homeroom teacher his father had had decades earlier! Robert was in Long Branch to perform his poetry with jazz musicians that evening and our cameras were there.

 Brattleboro Literary Festival

Uluslararası İstanbulensis Şiir Festivali’nde.

Robert Pinsky discusses the nature of poetry and its origins in sound and language as a part of the 2021 Istanbul Poetry Festival (June, 2021).

‘Heavy with longing, in my mind, is preferable to hollow’

“Former U.S. poet laureate Robert Pinsky explains the memories of the working-class New Jersey neighborhood where he grew up that spurred him to write “House Hour” and how he is using walks to cope with the coronavirus pandemic.” – Washington Post

WAMFest 2010

Bruce Springsteen and Robert Pinsky on “Samurai Song” and their New Jersey roots.

When Did Poetry First Spark Your Interest?

Words have always fascinated Pinsky, but it was jazz that led him to poetry.

PoemJazz: The Green Piano

Robert Pinsky and friends perform “The Green Piano.”

PoemJazz: His Excuse for Loving

A jazz performance of Ben Jonson’s “His Excuse for Loving.”

Commencement Address by Robert Pinsky

Concord Academy commencement address, June 2012.

Is Hip-Hop Poetry?

The distinction between poetry and rap lyrics lies in the performance.