The poems in Robert Pinsky’s new book, At the Foundling Hospital (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2016), consider personality and culture as improvised from loss: a creative effort so pervasive it is invisible.

The quest is lyrical, whether the subject is as specific as “the emanation of a dead star still alive” or as personal as the “pinhole iris of your mortal eye.”

“Stunning… These poems, with their careful word choices and refined music, demand multiple readings and reveal more each time. The collection, like two dying friends in one piece, leave ‘A shape distinct and present in the mind.’”
—Elizabeth Lund, The Washington Post

“This is as curious, fun and moving a collection as he has put together. It sings and dances with humor, surprise and assurance, and here and there draws across deep cello chords for our fears and sorrows.”
Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene

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