"Pinsky is our finest living specimen of this sadly rare breed, and the poems of "Gulf Music" are among the best examples we have of poetry's ability to illuminate not only who we are as humans, but who we are – and can be – as a nation."

— The New York Times Book Review

Robert Pinsky

The poems in Robert Pinsky's new book At the Foundling Hospital consider personality and culture as improvised from loss: a creative effort so pervasive it is invisible.. [...] The quest is lyrical, whether the subject is as specific as "the emanation of a dead star still alive" or as personal as the "pinhole iris of your mortal eye."



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July 27th

Reading, with Gail Mazur

3:45pm — 4:45pm

A reading by Gail Mazur at Boston University: 635 Commonwealth Avenue, Sargent College Rm 101. Boston, MA

October 16th

Yale Performance of Voices

6pm — 7pm

Mini-opera based on translation of Inferno, with music by Ezra Laderman